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We welcome feedback on any of our services. If you would like to let us know what you think about the services we provide, please click here.

Our Locations

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Homes North manages properties across the New England and North West NSW area, with offices in Armidale, Glen Innes, Gunnedah, Inverell, Moree and Tamworth. We also manage properties in Tenterfield and Uralla.

Opening Hours

Our offices are usually open Tuesday – Friday, 9:00 – 4:00, and we can be contacted by telephone during these times on Mondays.

Homes North Community Housing Property
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Homes North is committed to providing secure, appropriate and affordable rental housing, sensitively managed, for people on low to moderate incomes, who are otherwise disadvantaged in gaining access to, or maintaining, tenancies.

Homes North Community Housing Co Ltd is a Class 2 registered provider of Social Housing and a Company limited by guarantee. We are a not-for-profit community housing provider, and have been operating in this sector for 30 years.

We are a member of the NSW Federation of Housing Associations and part of a network of 32 housing associations operating throughout NSW.

We have undergone significant growth in recent years, and now manage over 1000 properties across the New England and North West NSW area. We have offices in Armidale, Glen Innes, Gunnedah, Inverell, Moree and Tamworth.

Most of the properties we manage are Social Housing, and we also manage a small number of Affordable Housing properties in Armidale, Gunnedah and Tamworth.

Complaints & Appeals

For information on how to make a complaint or appeal a decision, please click here.

Temporary Accommodation Hotline

For all temporary accommodation enquiries, please contact us on 1800 152 152.

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Homes North Tenant Newsletters
Tenant Newsletters

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Homes North - Tenant Survey Results 2013
Tenant Survey Results 2013.

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Inverell Community Housing and Homes North Merger
ICH HN Merger

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