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At Homes North, we believe that communities thrive and people’s lives are enriched when they are given opportunities to be connected and engaged. In our work we aim to build a caring community with happy and connected neighbourhoods where people feel safe and included, click here to read more.


Homes North is committed to knowing our residents and meeting their individual needs. We aim to provide the highest level of assistance across our range of services. We support our residents to not only develop the skills to maintain a tenancy, but to cultivate the skills to live fulfilling and independent lives, click here to read more.


At Homes North we focus on changing what is possible for social and community housing. Our goal is to make the application process easy by providing accessible and current information so that we can match you to a property that suits your needs and circumstances. Our experienced staff are here to assist you,  click here to read more.


Total number of people in Homes North housing


Tenancies across the new england north west


tenants identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander


Homes North works in partnerships with many service providers across a full range of wrap around services from accommodation support and transitional housing, through age and disability services to your services, training and employment. Our aim is to ensure the best outcomes for our mutual clients through a one stop shop approach, click here to read more.


We believe that housing is an essential human need that provides the foundation for healthy lives. Our range of properties provide secure, affordable and sensitively  managed housing opportunities for low income households in our region, click here to read more.

Tenants Handbook

Our Tenant Handbook provides residents of Homes North with information they need in order to understand Homes North and how we operate. It assists residents to enjoy their time with us and inform them of their rights and responsibilities as a resident of Homes North, click here to read more.


Homes North cover the New England and North West region, with offices located in Armidale, Tamworth, Glen Innes, Gunnedah, Inverell and Moree. Our staff are here to assist you with your enquiries, click here to read more.

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Q&A : Homes North Maintenance and Repairs

How to get repairs and maintenance done?

Call the Homes North Maintenance line on 1800 592 333.

After Hours emergency repairs call 1300 662 721.

If you have any issue with repairs not being carried out, please contact your CRO.

Who will be doing repairs and maintenance on Summit properties in Narrabri and Wee Waa?

Homes North will manage all repairs and maintenance for properties in Narrabri and Wee Waa.

Your tenancy will be managed by Summit.

For all repairs call the Homes North maintenance line 1800 592 333.

After Hours emergency repairs call 1300 662 721.

If your repairs not being done, please contact your CRO.

Will Homes North maintain common areas in unit complexes?

Common areas within unit complexes will be maintained by Homes North.

What is the process for getting my property modified?

Please submit an application to an Occupational Therapist (OT)  for the provision of a report for Homes North’s consideration.

Click here for the Homes North Response to COVID-19 for tenants.