Absence From Property

Absence From Property Fact Sheet

Are you planning to be absent from your home?

  • Homes North expects tenants to personally occupy the premises at all times, however we understand there may be reasons for being absent from your home from time to time. Should this occur there are conditions around absences from your property that are set out below.


Acceptable reasons for your absence

  • Caring for sick or elderly family members
  • Hospitalisation, institutional care, nursing home care or rehabilitation
  • Escaping domestic violence, harassment or threats of violence
  • Assisting with immigration matters in your country of origin
  • Holidays
  • Reasons affecting your employment, education or training
  • Being incarcerated (in prison)


Acceptable periods of absence:

  • An acceptable absence period is absence from your property for up to three months however absences of six weeks or longer you are required to obtain written approval from Homes North.
  • You cannot be absent for longer than 12 months (in total) over a five-year period.


  • It is always advisable to let your Housing Manager know you will be absent from the property, even if for only a short period of 1 -2 weeks.


How to apply for an Absence from Property (6 weeks or more)

  • Complete the Absent from Property Application Form, available from Homes North website or by email request
  • Obtain written approval from Homes North to be away from the property for more than six weeks prior to leaving the property


The tenant must ensure they:
  • satisfy Homes North that the property will be properly maintained in their absence, mail collected etc.
  • all rent and non-rent accounts are paid up to date and rent and water charges will continue to be paid during the absence
  • provide documentation to support their absence, for example, passport, airline tickets showing the date of return, letter from respite services, notice of incarceration, and a contact address for both the tenant and if relevant, their agent
  • obtain approval even if other people will be staying in the home while the tenant is away. Only people who are registered on the tenant agreement are allowed to occupy your home while you are absent.
  • provide a nominated agent over the age of 18 years to act on your behalf while you are away

Failing to update Homes North of your absence:

  • If a tenant is absent without approval, or has stayed away for longer than the time approved, Homes North may decide to:
  • Charge market rent from the time the tenant’s absence is discovered, or from the date the approval expired to apply to the NSW Civil& Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) to terminate the tenancy.


Where to get more information?

If you have any further questions, please contact the Homes North office:

Contact Homes North on 6772 5133 or armidale@homesnorth.org.au

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