CHIA NSW Thriving Communities Report Released

Between 2018 and 2019 the NSW Government and not-for-profit community housing providers (CHPs) partnered to deliver the Social Housing Management Transfer (SHMT) Program. This program saw the transfer of nearly 14,000 public housing properties to nine CHPs across NSW – the single biggest transition of public housing tenancies to the community housing sector in Australia.

The aim was to:

  • deliver better long-term outcomes to residents through better tenancy management and strong community networks
  • increase the capacity of the community housing industry as part of a stronger social housing system
  • increase support services for residents by accessing funding sources available only to CHPs.

For people living in the homes transferred to CHPs, it’s led to better outcomes across a range of different measures, including:

  • people living in community housing homes are happier with their homes compared to people living in public housing
  • people living in community housing homes are better connected with their community
  • people living in community housing homes have access to support from CHPs that goes beyond just a roof over their head
  • people living in community housing homes benefit from high quality services such as repairs and maintenance.

These improved outcomes for residents, including increases in satisfaction and wellbeing measures, have been achieved during an extremely challenging time – the COVID pandemic. This makes the results of the SHMT program even more remarkable, as this was a period when restrictions created significant obstacles, such as in accessing properties to undertake repairs and maintenance, supply issues, and extra pressures on wellbeing and mental health across society in general.

CHIA NSW’s Thriving Communities: The transformative impact of the Social Housing Management Transfer Program has found that community housing residents are more satisfied with their home than public housing residents and that community housing residents are more satisfied with life as a whole than public housing residents. Broader benefits of the SHMT program include:

  • a more sustainable social housing system with an estimated $1.15 billion over 20 years entering the system and
  • vastly improved social housing properties with CHPs investing $92.7 million in repairs and maintenance since the SHMT program began.

Find out more about social housing and community housing providers, meet some of the people who have benefited from the SHMT program and learn about some of the innovative programs CHPs have delivered that have improved the lives of their residents.