Complaints Fact Sheet



Homes North encourages all feedback, including complaints, as it helps us to improve our services to meet the needs of our residents and applicants. We encourage you to give us the opportunity to resolve your problem first off by talking to our staff by phone or in person at one of our offices. However if you are still unsatisfied with the outcome please lodge a complaint.


What is a complaint?


A complaint is when a tenant or applicant is dissatisfied with the service provided by Homes North. For example:


• Neighbour issues such as nuisance and annoyance where you have reported to Homes North about a neighbour causing nuisance and annoyance and you are dissatisfied with our response.
• You believe a staff member has been unprofessional or rude either at our office or at your home.
• You think Homes North has done something wrong.
• You are not satisfied with one of Homes North’s policies.
• You feel Homes North has treated you unfairly.
• You have requested a repair and it was not completed in the agreed time.


How to lodge a complaint about our service:



  • We also have printed forms at every office. If you need assistance completing the form please ask at reception.


If you need someone to explain what information you may need to attach to the complaint form please ask for assistance at reception or call your local office.
(Phone numbers are at the bottom of this fact sheet).


Response and Investigation


  • RESPONSE: You will receive an acknowledgement letter or email within three (3) working days of Homes North receiving the complaint.


  • INVESTIGATION: Your complaint will be investigated by a senior staff member who will be in contact with you.


Our commitment


Homes North is committed to handling complaints fairly. All complaints are confidential and will not affect your housing.




If you are not happy with the way your complaint was dealt with through the complaint handling process you may appeal the decision.


Please refer to the Appeals Factsheet.


Support with a complaint


  • New England & Western Tenants Advice & Advisory Service (NEWTAAS): 1800 836 268
  • Northern NSW Aboriginal Tenants Advice & Advisory Service (NATAAS): 1800 248 913
  • Housing Appeals Committee: 1800 629 794
  • NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal – 1300 006 228
  • NSW Ombudsman –
  • Community Justice Centres – 1800 990 777
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