Delivering our Vision

Delivering Our Vision

Community housing aims to deliver social and financial outcomes.  As a tightly regulated and ethically managed not-for-profit organisation, our surpluses are reinvested to improve local services and increase the range and types of housing we can offer.
Compared to the general community, tenants in community housing are more likely to face some form of disadvantage, such as unemployment or a disability.  In addition to delivering safe and secure homes, we help clients stabilise their lives, maintain their tenancies and engage with their communities.  Homes North successfully partners with a wide variety of organisations providing vital and highly valued support services to clients.
Year In Review 2021/22

Our Clients

  • 5,300 people in Homes North Housing
  • 26% are aged 55 years and over
  • 47% are aged 25 years and under
  • 62% are female
  • 24% are sole parents
  • 94% receive income support
  • 46% identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • 22% are people with disabilities
  • 16% are supported tenancies

Our Places

  • 2,621 tenancies
  • 592 people housed off the waiting list
  • 30 properties owned
  • across 14 Local Government Areas
Our Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1 / Positive Change for Individuals

Our focus is on creating a connected and engaged tenant and support system, one that puts the clients at the centre of our work.

Strategic Goal 2 / Enhancing Communities, Building Place

We are committed to working collaboratively with our communities and stakeholders to build long-term changes for people in vulnerable areas, while strengthening our portfolio.

Strategic Goal 3 / Regional Change Makers

With our rapid increase in size comes the responsibility to show our commitment and leadership for the benefit of the broader community as well as our clients.  Our contract with the NSW Government gives us a clear role as regional leaders and change makers.  As part of our role as regional leaders and change makers, Homes North has secured the former Centrelink building located within Armidale’s CBD, transforming it into a Community Support Hub, housing Homes North and our key partner, the Armidale Neighbourhood Centre.  The Community Support Hub is due to open in coming months.

Strategic Goal 4 / Operational Excellence

Our staff and culture, finances and systems, all work in a complementary way to support Homes North in its continued drive for excellence and long-term sustainability as an organisation.