How to make your care safe and secure

These simple tips can help keep your car more safe and secure.

Tip No. 1
Don’t keep valuables and personal items in your car – don’t leave anything that might be tempting to thieves.

Tip No. 2
Make sure all windows are closed and doors are locked, even when your car is parked at home.

Tip No. 3
Keep all valuables out of sight – if you choose to leave valuables in your car (for example, phone, laptop, tablet, GPS), turn them off and lock them in the boot, otherwise they may still be discoverable via bluetooth technology.

Tip No. 4
Leave nothing in plain sight that may make your car interesting to a thief – ensure charging cables, GPS mounts and similar items are out of sight. Never leave tools unsecured.

Tip No. 5
If you park in a garage make sure you still lock your car.

Tip No. 6
Park safely – when parking on the street try to avoid quiet back streets and ensure that you park in an area that is well lit and free of any objects that may prevent your car from being visible.

Tip No. 7
Keep your keys safe – keep your keys secure and label them with your mobile phone number, do not put your address on them!

Tip No. 8
Protect your data, be aware of identity theft – don’t leave bank statements, bills or other personal documents in your car.  They can be used to steal your identity.