Our Housing

Our Housing

As of 30 June 2021, Homes North managed 2,700 properties across the New England North West region of NSW, under a range of programs.  Much of Homes North’s portfolio comprise head lease contracts to manage Land and Housing Corporation properties for the purpose of social housing.
Portfolio Breakdown by Program Area

250 / Homes North Owned (Title Transfer)

Property titles were transferred from the Land and Housing Corporation to Homes North for the express purpose of providing Homes North with the capacity to leverage against the transferred assets to procure additional social housing.  Caveats on title ensure these properties are used for the purpose of social housing.

90 / Properties Classed as ‘Vacant Land’

Properties classed as ‘vacant land’ are those that do not have a building located on it.  Homes North has 90 residential properties without any type of residential building from homes, units or townhouses to duplexes.

77 / Fee-For-Service Properties

Homes North is contracted to provide tenancy and property management services on a fee-for-service basis.  Managed separately from our Community Housing portfolio, this arm caters to the needs of client organisations, who offer social and affordable housing – Aboriginal Housing Office (Employment Related Accommodation), Eekinar Aboriginal Housing, and Armidale Local Aboriginal Land Council properties.

2075 / Capital Properties

The Capital Program allows community housing providers to head lease Land and Housing Corporation owned properties, and sublet to eligible clients.  Homes North collects all rents and pays all expenses associated with the properties and its responsible for all aspects of long-term asset maintenance planning.  This includes Social Housing Management Transfer properties operating under a 20 year lease contract with the NSW Government.

269 / Leasehold Properties

The Leasehold Program provides a subsidy for Homes North to rent in the private market and then sublet to a low income household at a reduced rent.

30 / Homes North Freehold Properties

These are properties that are owned by Homes North which have either been acquired or developed by leveraging assets transferred with the Stimulus Program.  The properties are let to households on low to moderate incomes, who pay rent at 20% less than the market rate so that they are able to meet other basic costs of living without experiencing rental stress.  Rental stress occurs when a person or family are paying more than 30% of household income on rent.

Housing Solutions

Temporary Accommodation offers homeless clients paid temporary accommodation in hotels, motels and caravan parks.  During their stay, Homes North works with the client to find more permanent housing with wrap-around support services as needed.

Private Rental Subsidy support private rental for priority clients who need a modified property due to disability.

Rent Choice–Start Safely provides subsidies for clients escaping domestic and family violence, and brokerage for re-establishment assistance with support services.

Rent Choice Youth (RCY) provides subsidies for private rental with wrap around support for young people who are engaged with or willing to undertake study or work, with provision for brokerage support if needed.

Bond Extra is a guarantee of additional bond to the landlord to provide confidence when agreeing to offer a private rental property to a Homes North client.

Rent Assist provides assistance with up to four weeks rent when a client has fallen into arrears in a private rental.

Housing Register, Homes North assists and assesses clients to be listed for social housing, and where there is complexity in clients’ circumstances Homes North assesses for Priority Housing.

Aboriginal Tenancies Count (ATC) provides intensive case management and support for tenants with complex needs.

Tenancy Facilitation occurs when staff remain in close and supportive contact with clients who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, helping them with services and support to find a suitable housing solution.  Homes North also offers advocacy with landlords and support agencies, particularly when these relationships have previously broken-down.

Youth Entering Affordable Housing (YEAH) is for exceptionally vulnerable youth with complexity who are not yet ready for Rent Choice Youth and who are internally case managed with support of external stakeholders.