Pets Policy

Pets Policy

1. Purpose

The aim of the Pet Policy is to ensure that Homes North responds transparently and fairly to requests from tenants to keep pets. The policy encourages responsible pet ownership and supports tenants to comply with the Residential Tenancies Act in relation to pet ownership and being a responsible neighbour.

The Pet Policy is designed to clearly state tenants’ rights and responsibilities with regard to pets in Homes North managed properties. The policy outlines the approval requirements for the keeping of pets and what pets are and aren’t allowed in Homes North managed properties. The policy acknowledges that pet ownership is valued by many of Homes North’s tenants.


2. Scope

This policy sets out how Homes North will respond to tenants that request to keep pets in properties managed by Homes North.


3. Approvals

  • No pets are allowed in Homes North managed properties without written approval.
  • A request to keep a pet on a Homes North managed property must be in writing and be signed by the tenant. The request must detail the type and number of animals.
  • The request will be reviewed, and approved or declined, by the Senior Housing Manager of the relevant office.
  • Approval will depend on any restrictions on pets that may exist for a particular property as well as the suitability of the property to keep a particular pet.
  • As part of the approval process the tenant will be required to complete a Pet Agreement form
  • The tenant will receive a written response from the Senior Housing Manager as to the outcome of the request within 21 days of receipt of the request.


4. Approved Pets

All pets must be kept in compliance with the laws, local regulations and policies regarding pet ownership.

Responsible pet ownership covers cleanliness, hygiene, appropriateness of animal size to property size, and managing potential disturbances to others:

  • Pets shall be housed safely and appropriately in a way that supports the animal’s well-being and ensures the safety and right to quiet enjoyment of members of the public.
  • The pet’s environment shall be maintained in a clean and hygienic manner.
  • Pets will be appropriate to the size of the property. For example it is unreasonable to expect that a large dog can be suitably accommodated on the balcony of an upstairs unit.
  • The number of animals allowable within any given household will be determined by the local Government regulations and by the property size and appropriateness.


Homes North reserves the right to withdraw the approval if the conditions of pet ownership in the Pet Agreement are not met.


If a Homes North worker attends the property and finds the tenant has a pet not approved by, or in contradiction to, the Pet Agreement this will be deemed as a potential breach of the tenancy agreement.


Relevant legislation

  • Residential Tenancies Act 2010
  • Companion Animals ACT 1998
  • Local government regulations
  • WHS Act 2011


Related policies/documents


National Community Housing Standards:

Standard 1.2 – Establishing and maintaining tenancies


Policy information:

Policy number 1.2.2\1

Adopted: 18/8/2015

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