Rent Review: What is it & Why we do it?

Rent reviews are really important. Social housing rents are charged according to how much your household income is. We use rent reviews to ensure you are paying 25% of your income in rent. If your financial or personal situation has changed, this may affect the amount of rent you are charged. You need to tell us, within 21 days, when there is a change in your personal or financial situation. You will be contacted by us every six months to complete a rent review to confirm your continued eligibility for a rental subsidy.


We will send you three forms:

1. a new Application for Rental Subsidy Form (this form must be returned to your local office)
2. a Declaration of Wages Form (only household members who are working need to complete this form and return it to your local office).
3. a Services Australia Centrelink Multiple Consent and Authority Form (for those in your household who have not competed this form previously).

We also send you fact sheets with information to help you complete these forms. It is important to read these before completing the forms:

1. Rental Subsidy Letter
2. A Guide to Rental Subsidies Factsheet
3. Centrepay Deduction and Confirmation Services Multiple Consent Fact Sheet
4. Household Income Evidence Requirements Factsheet
5. Market Rent Letter (only sent once a year).

It is very important to return the completed documents to us if required. If you don’t return the documents your rent subsidy will be cancelled and you will have to pay market rent.

What information YOU need to provide?

Homes North will need to know the following information:

1. Have any occupants moved into or moved out of the property?
2. Are there any changes in income of any household members?
3. Has any household member commenced or left employment?
4. Has any household member turned 18 years of age?
5. If any household member is employed, is there a change to their employment conditions, for example, an increase or decrease in hours of paid work, or a move from casual or part-time work to full time work?
6. Are there any new sources of household income?
7. Has any member of the household received a lump sum payment, inheritance or dividend that needs to be declared?
8. Does any household member own their own home?

What documentation do I need to return?

You must return the following documents to us:

1. the completed Application for Rental Subsidy form
2. any documents that relate to any change in paid employment, for example, your payslip or a completed Declaration of Wages Form.

If a household member has not given consent for Homes North to access their Centrelink record, they must provide a Centrelink Income Statement.

What happens after you return the forms?

We will review the information you have provided, and:

1. if there are no changes to any household members income, or changes to household members or situation, your rent will remain the same, or
2. if there are changes to any household members income, or changes to household members, we will review your current circumstances and let you know of any change in your rent.