Resident Engagement – Join in

The aim of the Resident Engagement Officers and Resident Engagement Groups


Develop, Implement, Promote and Support Resident Participation and Stuctures that Empower Residents to assist Homes North to:

  • improve the way services are being delivered and managed
  • strengthen their communities
  • develop skills and knowledge to improve their quality of life and wellbeing


Resident Engagement – a focus on some of our Resident Engagement Groups

Barney/Butler Resident Engagement Group – Armidale

The resident engagement group was formed in 2015 and since then has been a strong advocate for the residents in the unit block. They have worked to improve such things as general maintenance, signage, parking, lawns and grounds upkeep and lobbying council for better no parking areas out the front near the driveway.


  • The group meets every 6 weeks
  • Attendance remains strong with BBQ before the meeting
  • Issues covered include maintenance, policy reviews, suggestions for improvements of the amenities at the unit complex
Rockvale Road Resident Engagement Group – Armidale
  • Meeting every 2 months
  • BBQ before the meeting that is fun, supportive and informal
  • Discuss issues impacting on the unit complex.
Dumaresq Street Engagement Group – Armidale
  • Reformed as a round table meeting.
Armidale Resident Engagement Group
  • The Armidale Resident Engagement Group meets every 2 months
  • Wider tenant group for all of Armidale
  • Strong core group of tenant attendees with a more form agenda
Glen Innes Engagement Group
  • Positive resident group discussing a broad range of issues about their homes and community.
Inverell Engagement Group
  • Currently a small but positive group meeting every 2 months.
  • This is an informal meeting over lunch and covers a broad range of issues and topics.
Gunnedah Resident Engagement Group

Gunnedah’s first Aboriginal tenants’ meeting was a great success and they look forward to meeting on a regular basis.

Tamworth Resident Engagement Group

The five Resident groups in Tamworth aim to gain tenant input and provide a greater diversity of opinion regarding Homes North issues. They also aim to support each other. These groups currently run across Homes North’s unit complexes.


Another group at the Goonoo Goonoo complex will start in late 2018.  They are planning a community garden within their complex.  These less formal groups have become the preferred way of meeting for most of our Tamworth tenants.

Moree Resident Engagement Group

Working with the tenants in Moree has been a steady progress and Homes North continues to focus on how we engage with everyone and develop the aims of the resident group.

Recently a tenant said, `` I'm proud to be a tenant, the reason being the staff are great.``

- Anon.