Service Providers

Service Providers

Homes North works in collaboration with many social service providers across a full range of wrap around services from accommodation support and transitional housing, through age and disability services to youth services, training and employment.


BackTrack working with NSW RFS

Homes North and BackTrack have come together relatively recently around supporting better whole of life outcomes for young people. In discussion with BackTrack and a quick analysis of their current participants we were concerned at their level of vulnerability to homelessness. As a response, we are developing a supported share accommodation model for the most vulnerable of BackTrack’s young people. Homes North are supporting BackTrack’s vision for long term, real world training outcomes by negotiating contracts for the maintenance of some of our unit complexes. This will provide ongoing work for some of BackTrack’s work crews.


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Tamworth Family Support Services

Tamworth Family Support Services are a long term partner of Homes North. We have been working closely with Tamworth Family Support Service for over 20 years in a range of capacities including the provision of transitional housing for people exiting residential refuge accommodation. In recent years after taking on the responsibility for the Tamworth Youth Homeless Support Service our partnership has also developed a focus around youth homelessness.


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Byamee Proclaimed Place & Moree Area Homelessness Service

Homes North currently manages around 57 properties in Moree. Our management services are co-located with Byamee Proclaimed Place and their Moree Area Homelessness Service. Co-location is a model that suits both services by sharing facilities and equipment and also by providing additional services in-house, building interagency efficiency and trust. This model, which is also employed in Tenterfield with Tenterfield Community Development Committee, has been so successful we are looking to replicate and extend the model in service hubs in our larger centres.


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