Funding has been won to build a sheltered area for tenants in Gunnedah and Tamworth unit complexes and to construct fences for priority homes in Glen Innes and Gunnedah.

Site of new shelter at Henry St Gunnedah

Tenants living in a tightly packed unit complex will now have the opportunity to gather with tenants, family and friends in a pleasant and relaxed environment outside from their own units.

Brian Davis a tenant of Henry Street Units says, “It will be nice to have this as I really don’t know my neighbours. This undercover area will be a great place to gather”.

Another tenant, Ron Eastham says, “We now have another place other than my unit, to sit with friends and family.  When visitors arrive, we can hardly move in my one bedroom unit”.

The zone has been marked ready for the excavator and by the end of December many people will be enjoying the outdoors area and a cool breeze under a well built shaded area surrounded by shrubs and flowers.

Boasting a disability friendly plan this area will come with tables and chairs and facilities to make a cuppa.

A lot of positive comments and feedback was received before submitting the application and many are looking forward to enjoying spending time with their neighbours and others under this welcoming setting.

Glen Innes tenant representative Bob and Homes North staff talking with local member Adam Marshall about funding for fencing for our Glen Innes properties

The opportunity to apply for funding to help our tenants fence their homes

An important part of anyone feeling safe in your home is that anyone can’t just wander into the yard. The fence around a home is a simple barrier and provides a sense of security. Homes North understands the importance of our tenants feeling safe in their homes. Funding was granted to two locations, one in the New England in Glen Innes and the other in the North West of our region in Gunnedah. Homes were prioritised and a range of fencing choices will be offered to many of our tenants.

Tenant quotes:

“It would be fabulous to have a fence.  I would not be having people cutting through my place and especially at night.”

“It would mean the world to me to have a front fence”

“A fence would give security for my home and my family.”