Homes North has hosted three students in Armidale and two in Gunnedah this year as part of our contribution to our community and supporting young people to progress and successfully complete their education.
We asked one of the students Jake about his time with us …

Why did you come to Homes North for your student placement time?

I am studying Community Services Work at TAFE in Tamworth and wanted to gain some practical experience and knowledge to be able to join this industry. I am also required to do a number of hours of practical work as part of my Certificate IV studies.

What did you learn?

I learnt so many different things, and some things I thought I would never have seen. I went out with the Housing staff to visit a tenant suffering from Hoarding and was amazed at the difficulties some people face. I also learnt that this work is so varied. I was talking to people from many different nationalities and cultures. It was a real eye opener for me.

What did you enjoy the most?

Everything really, the people, the experience and the chance to create new relationships. Also, I really enjoyed sitting at reception a few times, talking with the tenants and working out ways to help them.

What surprised you?

A couple of things, but that’s the whole point of learning. I think the main thing was how many different people would come into the Homes North office every day.

What insights will you take with you as you continue your study?

The time with Homes North made me think about other roles in the Community Services sector I had never thought about. It has really made me think this is the work for me. I also liked working with the two other Community Service work students who are also at Homes North. It was good to talk about our experiences together and compare how we were progressing and the variety of work we could do when we finished studying.