Tenant stories

Tenant stories from our Tenant Participation Officers (TPO’s)
Tenterfield tenants stories – new friends, Anne Wolfenden

When Tenant Participation Officer Anne Wolfenden first suggested a Tenant Group to Homes North tenants in Tenterfield there were only a few interested people. However Anne got talking to one tenant who thought there may be some other tenants who would like to just go out for a coffee and a chat. One tenant thought this would be a great idea. So now these two tenants have been meeting nearly every fortnight for over eight months.


They wouldn’t miss it for the world. They now have a great new friend and look forward to their catch up.


Anne says that this has been a great outcome for the both of them and it reminds us of the importance of social connections for our wellbeing.

Story from Jacky Fleming, Barney Street

“At our units in Barney St we have had some concerns,” said Jacky. “Some of us joined the Barney St committee and brought these concerns to the attention of Homes North. They have now been resolved.”


Positive outcomes provided by Homes North:

  • Bollards in our driveways have been removed.
  • Information provided on how underground
    water tanks work.
  • Broken tiles on stairways repaired.
  • Information provided on who is responsible for
    our bin area.
  • Soil for the common garden areas was provided by Homes North.


What is also great about having these meetings is that you meet other tenants, and we have been given lots of information on things such as:

  • Courses available to do eg. computers, Rent It Keep It
  • Resources that are available for any help you might need eg. New England Medicare local services now called Healthwise
  • You can have special speakers come to your meetings eg. someone to explain how to save on your electricity bills.
  • Your voice with many voices gets issues resolved.
The Gatepost Support Services (TGSS) – Narrative and Equine Assisted Therapy, Gunnedah

TGSS has provided a safe and relaxed environment where the client’s opinion is valued and they are supported to tell and develop stories that ultimately strengthen them.


The founder Sarah Ferguson says, “It takes so much courage to talk to a stranger about their life. There are certain conditions in the environment that are required to ensure that it is safe enough for people to share stories of their lives that do not harm but bring about good.”


One of Homes North tenants who wish to remain anonymous says, “It has been really good. The counselling has helped me to understand my sadness and the experiences associated with them which were the death of my son and a relationship breakup.  Through conversation I feel so much better and stronger in myself.  I have a different frame of mind which is now more positive. I attended The Gatepost Support Services for a number of weeks but now I attend counselling every fortnight.”


One of the counsellors Britt Hickey said it gives her much joy and heightened awareness that what TGSS does is producing positive outcomes.


“I have been able to see people grow and change and tell their stories and see them expand as human beings. Being able to tell their stories with no judgement and no stigma and no shame has allowed them to be heard sometimes for the first time. I see people leave with big smiles on their face.”